If you have one of those incredible demanding customers that demands exact match parts but is willing to pay a little but more – the XACTstat thermostats are specifically designed for this. We have discovered more than 100 Stant XACTstat thermostats that match OEM product fit, function and design; with more being added on a regular basis. Our experience is tha the XACTstat line includes thermostats for for nearly every make of vehicle, foreign and domestic. Check the Parts Locator above to see if one is available for your car.

Stant XACTstat thermostats have all the design specifications that make them precisely the same as the one that came on your car The same jiggle pin, check valve, integral seals, and integrated water outlet housings are always includes. Some have the ports for attaching coolant sensors if your car requires it – it will be there. Exactly the same!

Features and Benefits

When your car rolled off the assembly line it had the parts that the manufactured design to function to precise tolerances and with definable and predictable behaviors. When replacing parts, you want those which integrate in this manner with all of the cooling components. The XACTStat™ Thermostat is the answer.

  • Includes all features of the original equipment thermostat.