Unlike conventional thermostats that continually open and close to achieve the proper operating temperature and flood the engine with coolant, the StantSuperStat® thermostat has a unique v-notch, non-linear design that reduces cycling by precisely metering the amount of coolant needed to maintain proper operating temperature.

The v-notch provides a small initial flow. As the engine heats up, the v-notch gradually opens wider, metering coolant into the system until the desired engine temperature is reached.

The benefits of proper engine temperature are:

  • efficient engine operation
  • prolonged engine life
  • reduced oil consumption
  • improved fuel economy
  • and reduced emissions

Stant’sSuperStat® uses a high flow venturi for maximum cooling capacity during high temperature, high load operation and employs a unique Weir Valve® for precise flow metering during cold weather, light load operation to ensure stable temperature control under all conditions.

The high strength stainless steel flange is burnished to a bright finish for additional stress relief and added corrosion resistance.

The StantSuperStat® thermostat is also thicker than most competitor thermostats and our standard reverse poppet thermostat for added strength and longer life.

The power element of SuperStat® is comparable to those used in heavy-duty trucks. Its actuator piston is larger in diameter than the standard thermostat and competitive product. This larger piston delivers 1 1/2 times the power of our standard thermostat and almost 2 1/2 times as much power as the competition for enhanced durability and longer life.

The opening spring of the StantSuperStat® thermostat is designed with a load that is 50% stronger than our standard reverse poppet thermostat. This heavy-duty spring helps return the thermostat to the closed position and prevent cold running, even under the most adverse conditions.

Features and Benefits

Upgrades over OE equivalent thermostats offer more efficient temperature control resulting in faster warm-ups, better fuel economy, and longer engine life.

  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • OE supplier experience results in a match in fit and function when a replacement part is needed.
  • Technologically advanced designs use bleed notches, check valves, and other methods to assist in releasing air from the cooling system.
  • Uniue Weir valve technology allows for a smooth and gradual flow of coolant so the engine reaches its optimal temperature more quickly, resulting in improved performance, including better fuel efficiency.
  • Heavier-grade stainless steel housing for high-flow engines for longer life and durability.
  • Long-lasting, stronger spring closes valve faster for better temperature control.
  • Larger heat motor reacts to temperature changes faster for more efficient temperature control.