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STAT LOK® Gaskets & Seals


Stant’s STAT LOK® adhesive-backed thermostat gaskets cut installation time by as much as 50%. The adhesivebacking holds the thermostat securely centered in the counterbore, leaving both hands free to align and bolt down the outlet casting. No sticky, toxic gasket cement is required. With a knuckle-saving Stant Stat Lok gasket holding the thermostat in place, the thermostat won’t drop out or become misaligned and cause the mounting flange of the outlet casting to crack.

Stant also offers an extended line of rubber seals to provide nearly 100% coverage on all U.S. and import cars and light trucks.

Stant Stat Lok gaskets and seals are available in envelopes of 10 for professional, bulk use or individually skin packed for the DIY customer.

Features and Benefits

  • Gaskets are cut to specific application requirements.
  • Stat Lok® Gaskets have adhesive backs to aid installation.
  • Rubber seals are custom fit to applications
  • No cement is required, saving time.

Quality Policy

Customer Satisfaction: To provide products and services which entirely satisfy the requirements as defined by the customer. Each of us is, therefore, committed to excellence and to assist one another to pursue continuous improvemrnt.

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