February 27, 2013

February 26, 2013
Connersville, IN

Stant is pleased to announce Mr. Mike Brock, Engineering Manager at Stant Corporation, will deliver a presentation on the next generation of Stant fuel caps at the ITB Group’s Automotive Energy Storage Systems Conference in Novi, MI on March 6, 2013.

Mr. Brock will be discussing the new SureClick® technology developed by Stant Corporation. This new technology improves both sealing robustness and user satisfaction with the fuel filler cap. The new  SureClick® design assures the critical fuel cap sealing function is completely independent of the consumer installation effort; eliminating a potential cause of vehicle warranty problems. Mr. Brock will also discuss how SureClick® technology also responds to the voice of the customer by providing the user with consistent positive feedback confirming correct fuel cap installation.

Mr. Brock is based at Stant World Headquarters, where he leads the Research and Development group for automotive applications worldwide.  Mr. Brock holds numerous patents for fuel related components and technologies.

The annual ITB Group’s Automotive Energy Storage Systems Conference is a highly attended event that provides the latest information on automotive fuel systems of all types. More information on this conference can be found at http://www.itbgroup.com/conferences_FS.htm.