Be sure to tune in as Stant helps Sam and Dave with summertime cooling issues!


About Motorhead Garage:
The “Motorhead Garage TV Series” with the original “Dynamic Duo” of Sam Memmolo and Dave Bowman, formerly of Shadetree Mechanic, and Two Guys Garage, bring the audience step-by-step installations by the latest innovators in technology.

You will either find Sam and Dave in their home garage; or taking the audience on the road, as they travel throughout the country visiting the heart and soul of these industries.

Sam and Dave find Americas best in the auto/truck industries, to explore the latest in technology. The series continues to evolve, and constantly throws the team, a wide array of mechanical feats on Fox Sports Network (FSN) national television series each Sunday, (prime-time) at 11:30AM, and Mondays at 4:30PM (nationwide). Don’t forget to check your local listings, as times could vary.