Thermostats replacement with a Stant® Brand Thermostat?.

Thermostat Replacement

The thermostat has two important functions: to increase engine warm-up and to regulate the engine's operating temperature.

A high quality Stant thermostat ensures excellent fuel economy, reduces engine wear, diminishes emissions, improves cold weather drivability, provides interior heating while driving and helps prevent your engine from overheating. This is accomplished by managing the circulation of coolant between the engine and radiator until the engine has reached its predetermined temperature.

How a thermostat functions while driving:

The thermostat then opens as required in response to changes in coolant temperature to keep the engine's temperature within the desired operating range. Thermostats have a rated temperature such as 180°F or 195°F depending on make and model. It is essential that you choose the correct thermostat for your car.

Buying an OEM

In newer vehicles the Thermostat has another function – to communicate with the onboard computer, which monitors coolant temperature through a coolant sensor. This controls fuel enrichment, spark timing and operation of the EGR valve. Even on vehicles without computers, thermal vacuum switches that react to a specific coolant temperature are often used to open and close various vacuum circuits that regulate fuel enrichment, timing and EGR. The heart of the Stant brand thermostat is the ELAC® heat motor. The unique properties of the heat motor result in a consistent and precise response to the cooling system's needs. This is achieved through the use of a precisely formulated, thermally expansive wax fill that is calibrated to operate within OEM requirements. The Stant heat motor is powered by a precisely formulated thermal responsive wax pellet in a heat conducting copper cup equipped with a stainless steel piston inside an elastomeric boot. The exact length of the stainless steel piston assures the prompt and precise operation of the thermostat valve.


At Stant, the manufacturing process is rigidly controlled with world-class quality controls. Then a 100% calibration is conducted for each heat motor to guarantee quality and performance.

Finally, the heat motor is placed in a stainless steel assembly consisting of a valve, flange, bridge and spring. The completed assembly provides a securely sealed, heat responsive valve that keeps engine temperatures within original equipment specifications.

Our reverse poppet thermostats are engineered with a self-cleaning, self-aligning stainless steel valve. This design is the standard of the auto industry. Stant is the original equipment choice of many automakers in the US, Europe, Japan, and Korea.

Why take chances with anything less? Buy the world's best-engineered thermostats from Stant.

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